A 20th Century Porcelain Artichoke by French Artist Didier Gardillou

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A wonderful 20th century porcelain artichoke by the renowned French Trompe Artist Didier Gardillou

and here we are delighted with these flowers, these bouquets, these flowered chandeliers, these still lifes of vegetables that rival a past that we thought was past. The two artists do not have the same style. From the master, the most successful trompe-l'oeil

Not only are ceramic vegetables appealingly decorative, they are a visible reminder of the natural world and how important it is to us. As we all move further away from meat based diets, ceramic vegetables seem that much more of a reflection of our lives. And in the last three generations, we’ve moved from agricultural, rural lifestyles, to crowded and polluted cities. Who doesn’t want to look at more refreshing green? Ceramic vegetables are wonderful! And they don’t need to be refrigerated.

Offering a gorgeous Limoges porcelain green cabbage box designed by the renowned French designer/ceramicist Didier Gardillou.  The hand-painted box is in the form of a cabbage in hues of greens.  Center of box has his signature red ladybug.  The back bears his cobalt blue bell insignia.

lettuce boxes, which is très magnifique.

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