An 18th Century Dry-Edge Derby Figure Of Pluto & Cerberus

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An 18th century Derby dry-edge figure of Pluto and Cerberus, he standing in movement on the edge of the naturalistic green and black streaked base, his right arm holding the tail of his cloak behind whilst the pink and pale green fabric swirls about him, his left arm crossing his body, his bearded face, intense and looking down, a gold, blue and pink crown a-top his head, and behind him of course, bays Cerberus, the three-headed dog of the Underworld, white bodied with mottled brown it crouches beside the devil's face moulded into the rockwork at the rear

Circa 1750-1755


Derby Porcelain by Dennis Rice - page 82 / plate 15 for a similar example. 

English porcelain Figures of the 18th Century by Arthur Lane - Plate 60A for the white example at the V&A and discussed: page 99. : "Small groups of Pluto & Cerberus, Jupiter and the eagle and Neptune with a dolphin apparently belong to a set of gods as Elements". The figures of Pluto and Cerberus were symbolic of Earth


The dry-edge figures can all be assigned to the first five or six years of the Derby factory's life and would have been under Planche's leadership where the paste was quite different to what would come a little later with Duesbury. Of fine quality and probably enamelled at a later date but before 1760 due to the black eyes still favoured at that time


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